Monday, May 15, 2006

I am a bitch.....

I just dumped a boy by e-mail. I hate this. The boy who I Topped. I tried over and over to gently let him go. To gently break it off with him. And he kept calling, and his messages started to scare me.

After my third “date” with him. Something did not feel right to me. And I realized I just wasn’t feeling it. But I also realized that I wasn’t feeling it…because maybe my subconscious saw the red flags…

His obsessiveness with me even before I met him.
His possessiveness after only two “dates”
His attitude about wanting what he wanted…without any regard to me

So, after an e-mail that screamed “I need closure,” I e-mailed a response.

I feel like a bitch


It was only three “dates”

And I guess this makes me a lousy Top (which I never claimed to be anyways)


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