Monday, June 26, 2006


I limped around
At the festival
My friend held my drink
While I ate yummy food…
I was a little crabby
But she put up with me
I bought her a drink
And I took my Advil
And I stopped being moody

I was summoned to the HQ
To help with the ticket weighing
They sent a golf cart for me
That made me giggle

I only worked a couple of hours
This year
Cause I was having such a stiff day

I was proud…
To think that I was secretary of the board
That put on this great show…

It poured in most of the area
I think the rain even closed the thruway…
But it just sprinkled in this very northern place.

It was not very busy
I worried we would lose money this year
But apparently less people showed up
But spent more money
Drank more wine
And less beer


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