Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I feel like I live in an aquarium
I can see the great ocean outside
If I swim towards it
I suddenly hit the glass
There are barriers in my life
But I cannot see them
Because I keep seeing through them

Maybe I see the world
Differently because of my perspective
In my little aquarium
Perhaps my little home
Provides me some safety
From certain prey
I do have boundaries
But no one can see them
Not even myself

But like goggles under water
Perhaps I see thing clearer that most
But perhaps I also see certain things distorted
When it rains
And perhaps like talking under water
I sometimes do not hear things quite right…

So now I go back
And look at the world
In my aquarium shell
And wonder if the ocean is that far away


Blogger Walker said...

Very nice and thought provocing.
I have reached this stage right now and am glaning at the glass womdering if there is a way over the top to the otherside without leaving a trail/

1:30 AM  

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