Thursday, May 31, 2007

Never learn to fly

Sometimes rational thought overrides instinct....and with reflection, I should have listened to my instinct.

I was outside, hanging with my friend's family. The kids were playing on the swing set, and the toddlers looking for bugs.

Sitting in my chair, I noticed drama in the trees. The little birds fighting the big birds.

Walking towards the fight on the ground...I see a baby bird, which was snatched from the nest.

I wanted to pick the baby up. S/he did not appear injured, just shocked. Then my rational thought overrided. I went to get a towel, so as to not leave my scent (so I can replace the bird to the nest). And as soon as I was two feet away, the blackbird snatched the little one to face its death.

I was not upset with the nature in it's realities of life and death. Bit I was upset at my not listening to my heart.

I should have picked the little one up.
My friends and I have the knowledge to raise it, and set it free. Rehab.
And unlike those who torture wild animals by comforting the dying (like a deer dying on the side of the road). Babies have yet not learned a fear of humans. My friend had raised a few babies like this, and set them free. And they lived happy lives (as they returned year to year and said hello by landing on perches close to their caretakers) and flew way to do birdie things.

Individual to individual (me and the bird). to life.
My questioning my heart, my delayed response causes this little ball of fluff to die.

I feel pretty sad.


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