Thursday, May 31, 2007

Innocent until proven guilty

I have an innocent until proven guilty protocol in my garden.
I plant mostly perennials...and quite frankly many look like weeds...and are probably weeds "somewhere." I have pulled my share of "real" flowers.
This year...I have had centurea seed itself in three or fore places. Two places a good distance away.
My forget-me-nots tend to find them selves in the strangest of places.
I have three plants....all a like...that are HUGE!!!! I have no idea what the hell I planted...and where they came from....
I have big two and a half foot plants under my tree. I KNOW I didn't plant them. They are a wild flower of some sort (a weed!!!). I check every day to see if it is in bloom yet. I feel like I am awaiting a verdict.
Today a big ass load of rocks came.... I "got me" 2.25 tons of pea gravel.For my driveway...
I raked and raked and raked today.

Results so far:
Huge "weeds" in back were phlox (natural). They are so pretty.
One weed pulled, wild flower I am not fond of.
The Centurea count is up to four?

The flowers I don't remember planting are still not in bloom


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