Sunday, September 17, 2006

The overtired manic decorator

So I am redoing my bedroom
I had pink flower wallpaper
That was older than me
My house was full of wallpaper when I bought it
I bought it a year and a half ago
I painted the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen
I put in a new kitchen floor
And had the floors professionally refinished
I ran out of steam
Four months of constant renovation
I took a break
Worked on my ever expanding garden
Last winter I painted the small room upstairs
And my bathroom
The new paint is chipping off the bathroom
I guess I painted latex over oil or something
So I will need to re-do that
I am working on my bedroom now
My mother teased me about my bedroom furniture
That I have had since I have been four
So I looked far and wide for a dresser or a chest
I looked in real stores, thrift stores….
I was thinking a cottage look…
White pottery barn look
I did look at pottery barn of course
But it is very pricey
I thought I would paint my room purple
And decorate with quilts
And needlepoint
And crystal
Shabby chic look
Well I bought furniture
And it was not white
Or cottage like
I bought Asian inspired furniture
From pier one
Scratch and dent floor models
Super cheap
And now my vision has changed
Asian, fierce…or Zen
Maybe it is because I will see
The Dalai Lama tomorrow
I bought a red dragon
To put in my room
I have white fluffy rugs
What color to paint?
Red….seems to be on everyone’s mind
I have a scarlet pink
Paint that I got “oops” cheap
How passionate
I was thinking it would be cool to paint
Perhaps I can paint the ceiling red
And the walls neutral?
Perhaps I can paint just a wall red
Perhaps green
With red accents
The ideas….
Purple was my first choice
Purple with green accents
But I already have lavender in a room
Dining room
Most of the time my apartments look like
Easter eggs
The colors that I paint
My last apartment
Green bathroom
Lavender kitchen
Yellow living room
Pink bedroom
My first apartment not too bad
My hall was green…A bright almost neon green
It worked because the hall was long and narrow
And very dark
Because of the lighting
It had a Martha quality
My bedroom was blue
A cyan blue
My living room was white
My kitchen peach
My bathroom was pink
My current house
Had wallpaper everywhere
A baby puke yellow in the kitchen
A yellow wool rug in the living room/dining room
Very 60/70’s
Older than me perhaps
My neighbors told me there was an orange couch
To go with the rug.
I refinished the floors
Where the yellow wool rug laid
I removed it myself
My dining room is lavender
My living room a soft blue
Sometimes the living room looks purple
And the dining room blue
Depending on the light
Most people cannot tell that they are indeed different colors
My kitchen is green
A retro green
My kitchen floor is black and white vinyl tiles on point
What a bitch
To go with diamonds
A nightmare to cut them right
I have weird wall paper that screams 60’s in the bathroom and bedroom downstairs
And a weird brown tan wallpaper with trees in the stairways
Waiting for the deer to pop out and attack me
I still have baby puke yellow in the basement stairway
So what color should my bedroom be?


Blogger Spring said...

I like the idea of an asian theme. My bedroom is close to that, but I can't paint the walls dark colors cause I rent. I love the idea of red.

I had nothing but hand me down furniture in all my apts until about the last five years or so, which is pretty sad as I'm 46. I bought my first brand new, real sofa (i.e. not a futon) at ikea three years ago.

4:52 PM  

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