Tuesday, June 12, 2007

GO AWAY!!!!!

I am fine...
I am working shit out in my head
Getting some thoughts down
Feelings out....

I am writing this here
Because most of my friends
Don't read this
I need to get this shit out
Because I can just explode

So...if you are someone I don't know:
I don't need you to be my friend
I don't need you to worry about me
You don't have to comment
Don't need to virtually hug me

I am under PROFESSIONAL care
Trauma History
personality disorder

Go look it up
Look up:
Borderline Personality Disorder

Nothing will ever help
I will always be like this
Leave me alone

By the time you read this
I will be skipping down the bike path
With a big old goofy grin
Thinking about glitter and flowers and crap

Go away


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glitter is always good. I'm a little afraid to post here now though!


8:22 PM  

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