Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rainy day laziness

Some days I hate to be a woman
That is all I will say regarding
Why I want to curl up into a ball
And wait for the IBU to kick in

I had a virus earlier in the week
It seemed as if everyone I knew was sick
I thought maybe I caught a cold from my work
But then I noticed a 20% increase in sneezing in classrooms
I am a little stuffy still…but nearly over it

All of this….plus the rain
Has made my eyelids droop today
I have been given a mini vacation this week
The rest of my class has begun their field placements today
But not me….sigh…..

My first placement was at a mental health clinic
In the chaos that followed my hospitalization
And the fact that my Psychiatrist wanted to drop me
My info was given to this clinic (voluntarily)

Of course, my future field instructor read it
Deemed me “TOO CRAZY”
To begin an internship there
Not to mention a violation of my privacy
I was very disappointed

My next interview was at the VA
I would have loved to work there
So the field instructor did not work any days
My school required me to work
Conflict of schedules
What a drag
All of my classmates are being busy bees today
While I vegetate in front of my computer
(I still feel crappy!)

Soon, I should work on the papers I have due
The agricultural policy history of food stamps
The family structure of a Japanese American Family
During WWII
Not likely in this hour

I have PT in a couple of hours
For my back
I did nothing lately
I don’t want to go for the shame of it

Perhaps I will clean my house a bit
I have a wastebasket of snotty tissues from the week


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