Sunday, September 16, 2007


I am depressed.
The tiredness
The anxiety and inner restlessness
The feeling of sadness
The shopping cart of sugar and sweet
And the unusual, for me…
Sullen and frowning face

The feelings as if you are…
Living life in an aquarium
The water making your vision blurry
And the glass that keeps you from touch

Most importantly the thoughts
The anxiety that bubbles
When I try to avoid them
And fill the mind with good things

I am taking the pills
And finding large public places
To spend my time

But it was pretty disturbing
As my mind’s eye
Was intrigued by the seeds
The most deadly of toxins
(And they are so beautiful…
The markings of the castor bean)

I cannot take myself too seriously
As I have the most annoying beast
Upon my head
As s/he grooms and leaves
Little fluffy down upon my hair

I am going out to dinner
With my parents soon
And perhaps I will color my hair
Or do my nails or something
Pick my mother a bouquet
Of mismatched flowers from my garden
(Tis her b-day)
And of course STUDY
The millions of words
Due tomorrow


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