Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am very sleepy…
On a dreary day
It is raining out…or overcast at least
It poured something stupid yesterday
We need the rain in general
But it has been raining a lot the last week or so
And being that most of the summer is over
And the farms and what not (not to mention my garden)
Could have used this a month ago
Better late then never I suppose

I usually like raining days
Makes me want to stay home and cuddle
And read a book or something
Except I have no one to cuddle with
And all of the readings for school
May not be what my mind lusts for….

Currently, my bird is lusting over the chocolate I just ate
A York Peppermint Patty
I was taking a lazy nap
When thing decided to sing to the gods
About the minute of sunshine we had
I really need to clip a feather on her (him?)
Just to slow him down
So I don’t have an escape situation

So…I had some drinks last night
I meant to have only one
But peer pressure lead me down to three
I really should not have drunk any
With my drugs and all
Might be why I am so tired

+ (this plus was typed by feathered friend…by the way)

I really need to get my mind
Out of this gelatin state
I have much a reading to do
I printed out
(Double sided)
All of the academic journal articles
I need to read in the next two weeks
It was an inch and a half thick
The other day I nearly quit school
Thought I would never get through
And then a quick review of what I needed to read
And found it to be a dull academic way to say….
Grammar is important when writing on patients charts
And that these are permanent records and all that crap
…no shit….
(Although I need to review my “than”s and “then”s)
It was a chapter and a half about the need for good grammar
No particle examples or indications of how to be better at it.
And well, reading the chapter hasn’t improved my writing at all
(As you can see)

But I have to remember that there are people in school
And people who, maybe, teach at the school
Who have never stepped their foot into a clinic
And realize how the real world works and all
(This all made me feel better)
But I still have a textbook to read today



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