Thursday, December 06, 2007

I am pissed can you tell?

On Monday, I arrived at a profs office during office hours. I asked her I could
reschedule my presentation because I had a BIG FUCKING PAINFUL CAST ON MY ARM. I was in disbelief when the prof did not budge at all, and expect me to do
the project. So of course I bombed it. I know I came across as passive
aggressive today. I certainly felt it, but didn't mean to be.
I was late to class, not because I was pissed, but because I could not button my pants, or click my seatbelt, etc.

So I come home and find this:

On Wed Dec 5 18:16 , sent:

>Dear Kristen:
>I am sorry if you felt today in class that I was interrupting
your flow, but I wanted you to focus on the assignment.
>For your case presentation, you did not follow directions.
There is a reason for the directions. It is not enough to
have information about a client; we need to organize
information about a client and decide how we are thinking
about it.
>The information needs to be organized - verbally and in
writing - according to what is laid out in the syllabus - a
description of client system; presenting problem; strengths
and challenges; your role; etc. etc....... The syllabus is
very specific. I'm not sure why you ignored it.
>What would you like to do about this?

What the fuck!

My response:

When you say "what would you like to do about this?" what do
you mean?

This email sounds very threatening to me.

In addition to the fustrations of not being able to use my
dominate hand, I am experiencing significant pain.
Despite my injuries, I did present a case study to the
class. Of course I am disappointed that I flustered during
the presentation. I generally present well, and have a
history speaking to large groups.

I totally lost my train of thought during the presentation. I
am just in too much physical discomfort.

So what would I like to do about it?

Accept the fact that I did not do well
But considering my situation, I think I should be giving a bit
of a break (pun intended).

When I post the assignment to the blackboard I will try to
organize the info as per the syllibus.

Please keep in mind how defeated and demoralized I feel when I
submit my lab, PAINFULLY typed, and to be made aware of my
punctuation errors. It feels kind of crappy.


Yeah...I have had enough of this motherfucking school.

And it is hard to face the fact that I suck.


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