Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What the fuck.....

I am creating this blog as a test, really, to see how long it takes me to type a paragraph with one finger. I fractured one of the bones in my forearm in a weird way. I didn't really hurt much until now. I just feel more broken than anything. Kind of like feelings of nausea when I move my fingers.
The weirdest feeling is the feeling of have that is like water dripping underneath my skin.

I went to school today, and felt so so tired and out of it.

It is the last week of classes and I needed to check in with my prof. Frankly, one prof was a bitch. I have to present a case study and she will not budge. She agreed to let me hand in my paper in bullet form.

I am pretty pissed right now.
What the fuck!
Um...breaking a bone is more than not being able to use it....it fucking hurts! I just don't feel well....
I can't bath, I can barely brush my teeth, my body hurts, I am tired. But the school still expects me to write a 10 page paper, finish an exam, present at two classes, hand in a lab, a case framework, and a redo.


I can most likely do the labs, maybe the exam if it is multiple choice mostly. I think I will need to take an incomplete. I am trying this with a couple of fingers of my non-dominate hand.
I can do it at 25% of normal speed, with a few hours practice.
But it hurts to sit in a chair.

I really hate this school.


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