Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boom Boom Boom

I fell in love with a troubled girl
Her art inspires me
I have a cd full of her muses
Amy Winehouse
I like to think that I am hip
But it seems things need to bite me in the ass
Before I notice them
She is wonderful
Even when she is blasted out of her mind

She made me dust the cobwebs off my guitar
And even make me think of my bass
I need to make a trip to get some strings
And all is well

I am dying my hair
The color of the darkest rose
For it fad in a week

I cannot stop the grey
As it grows not stop
Having to dye my hair
Every 3-4 weeks are so

I am older
But look very young
However I get compared
To the beauty of very young ladies
And I don’t compare

Life has a way of pressing it’s way upon you
Grey, lines, a widening mid-zone
I feel ugly when I am at school
Surrounded by young beauty
Not yet toughed by stone

I hate my weight
I keep growing
The meds
The chocolate
The cold wind
That keeps me inside

I blew off my internship today
But no one knows
As I wasn’t suppose to come in
But I need to leave early tomorrow
So they doctors can poke me with sharp objects

Needles in my spine? Or just my wrists
I can not feel my hands anymore
Most of the time
Carpel tunnel
Carpe Diem

I feel better
Than I have been
But I am still

My internship boss
Got mad at me somehow
I want late to a meeting
Cause I was gagging on my meds in the bathroom

I didn’t do what he mentally willed me to do
I wasn’t sure what he meant for me to do
But I somehow did what I could
And surprisingly, I didn’t care
Perhaps from the meds I took for my cold

I saw the guy I lasted dated
At school
(A grad student like me)
He is surprisingly cute
But in many ways dull somehow

I haven’t been on a date. In?
Almost a year…
Wait I recently had a date
With a really nice guy
But I just couldn’t see
How the numbers could equate

I guess I should go on match dot com
But Perhaps I should just get a life instead

I am waiting for the seeds to come
Bamboo! Banana and pine
Exotic shit, and not may vines
I have my fancy grow light
I should try
I would try
To make my jungle even more

My garden is under the cover of winter
And I have the cutest bunny
That lives near by
And I should be at battle with
Crocuses soon
And daffodil too

But I like the snow
I really really like the snow


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