Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another day…another diagnosis

Very early this morning, I understood why people freak out in MRI machines. The technician placed a washcloth over my eyes. I thought that was very good thing. There were loud noises and lights. I was pretty good about it, I am not claustrophobic. However, I began to get very very hot, the air seemed devoid of oxygen. But then a breath of sorts came by and I was okay.

My lumbar area was the focus of the MRI. I have Spondylolisthesis in which my lowest vertebra does not line up with the others. I have been having the wonderful burning nerve pain that seems to focus on my knees and shins. It is so annoying. I have been dealing with this for a while. I finally requested cortisone shots. And I hate needles. I never had an MRI done. I had a CT scan a couple of years ago that indicated that there may have been some nerve issues. I did PT, got a little better, but never really really better.
So we wait and see.

Next came the electro-shock torture.

My other problem is that my hands go completely numb. They completely fall asleep. Except they don’t “wake up” as easily. I would wake up at night and bounce my hand against the wall to get some feeling back, not that it was very effective.

I had nerve studies and an electromyography test done on my arms and hands. The doctor started by taping electrodes on me. At first it felt like a tens unit. Then it got really strong. Ouch! But only a few pulses really bugged me. Than I had a needle stuck in my arm. No one told me about the needles! I can now say I’ve felt what acupuncture may feel like. Except my acupuncture involved electrical current. Not to bad. Except the two places they tested on the hand. They hurt. They hurt in that way that makes you squeak a little. I was really happy that the doctor was playing music and they had things on the ceiling to look at.

Of course, the fact that the doctor was young and cute and very nice helped as well.

So….the results of the test…I have carpel tunnel in both wrists.

So my current diagnoses:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Carpel tunnel


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