Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The problem is...

I have problems...issues
mental health issues...

I have a mental illness
I have been in the hospital
Twice since October 2006

I am not sleeping well
I am not feeling well
I am not doing well

But I am not doing horrible either
A little blue
Alot of anxiety
Alot of physical pain
Alot of real emotional bullshit

I have issues with interpersonal issues
I cannot deal well with people
When I am under stress
Most of that stress if inter personal
I have never been popular
With popular people

I don't know, for so long I was:
A board member
A corporate controller
Community Volunteer

Many times I was respected? An earned respected?
I was a person in power
But I was nice, and rational

Since I lost my emotional grace
When I lost my mind
I lost my previous identity
I lost my job
I lost IQ points
I lost my postions
I lost respect
I lost confidence

And people don't really like me

And maybe I am just unlikeable.


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