Friday, January 11, 2008

Shop to you drop!

I was feeling tired, worn out, sad, and depressed
So I did some retail therapy
I went to the new and improved mall
They built a new wing
With fancy-ass stores
With there fancy ass labels
And their $150 pair of jeans
And their $300 purses
(Okay I actually lusted after the $300 purse)
But anyways

This is Buffalo
A poor rust belt city
With stores selling $50 bottles of nail polish

It makes PERFECT sense!
(It actually does make sense)

There is a fancy-ass city
70 miles north
With fancy-ass people
Who like fancy ass clothes

Who are suddenly “rich”
Because of their dollar…
I mean Loonie!

Toronto shoppers, here they come!

I think it is great. I find it amusing watching the Canadians in Target.
It’s like watching kids in a candy store

So as the Canadians bought their Gucci and there Coach
I spent $40 at the Old Navy Sale

A few years ago (2002), when the American dollar was very high
I dragged my parents (they had a truck!)
To the Ikea
In Burlington, Ontario
I bought cheap furniture
At a 40% American currency discount
And!!! We Americans got our GST refunded at the border

The poor Candians have to sneak clothes across the border
So they can evade their high duty costs


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