Monday, January 07, 2008

A tease of spring....

And is 60 degress out!

Wow. All of the x-mas decorations are put away. I left a purple and a blue LED string of lights dancing on the porch. I also have a ball....giggles. It is garden light of some sort. I still have pretty on my porch, just not x-mas-y. I managed to wire the birdhouse to the under eve of the porch. It had fallen down, after a big wind storm. There was a little ball of fluff living in there. I hope they come back.

Speaking of fluff...
I haven't seen any birds at my feeder in weeks.

Today I bought bulbs! The nursery I worked (in the spring) were selling bulbs really really cheap. I bought two huge paper bag full of bulbs for $25 or something. I gave Irises to my friend. Perhaps extra tulips for the other friends.

Last year I spent $500 on bulbs. When I had my real job. This year I crimped and splurged and spent $50 on bulbs. So my clearance find was pretty cool.

I was actually thinking of buying tulips anyways, keeping them in the back of my fridge until the first hint of a thaw.

Well that thaw came crashing down today.

So I am taking the day off my internship tomorrow to plant bulbs.


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