Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blue for Christmas?

I am afraid my mother will drive me bat-shit crazy for x-mas.
The day after Christmas my parents are going to drag me out of bed
And lock me in a car with them for 12 hours.


We are driving to Nashville to visit my brother and his family.
My other brother is flying in from the west coast.
I am not up to it, I am really not looking forward to this.

I mean, I want to see my brother and my awesome sis-in-law
And my cute chubby cheek nephews
But this drive...oh my god.

My parents and their drama.

My dad wants to bring the telescope
My mother said their is no room.
My mother is packing 8 tubs of cookies.

My mother is drinking like a fish.
It bothers me alot
I don't want to be around her when she drinks
I caanot convince her to stop
I am trying to get her to see a doctor
She has some health issues
It makes me worry

She is not driving thank god.
Hopefully I can drive some of the way.

She asked me a shit load of questions today
About random streets, and routes
(I live in Nashville like 8 years ago).

All I can recall at the time
Is Hillsboro, 2nd, and Broadway.

They 'renamed" all of the interstates since I've lived there
As in a road that used to be a loop
Is now the main interstate,
The main interstate is now a loop.
I guess you can do that when three interstates come together.
I get so confused.

I just want to chill out
Call me the Grinch
But I am somewhat dreading this trip
I just fear my family will drive me bat shit crazy.

So....I am so packing my klonopin...


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