Monday, December 10, 2007

Could it get any worse?

Okay....I actually cried a river last night
And I feel like crying now.
So my life is hell

I have not felt so sick
In a very long time
Since as a child

I had the stomach flu
And apparently sleeping sickness of some sort
I slept for 30 of 36 hour period
And my waking moments were not of a great quality
My arm (and my head) were in pain
I tried to take tylenol
Not a good idea

So I was in pain
I could not take any of my bipolar meds
So today
I feel emotionally crappy
I cannot explain it
I feel worse than when I was depressed

Could I feel this bad from just missing one days of meds?
My arm hurts
My spirits are down
so very very down

I want my mommy

These are the times when I realize how alone I am
How screwed up I am
Maybe I am just running a fever
But hey


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