Sunday, December 16, 2007

*cough cough*

So...the blizzard is nearly done. Pleeeze...I live in Buffalo, this is not a blizzard! However, we managed to have freezing rain in 18 degree F weather, how is that possible? Could the storm been a warm front? Anyways, the sleet made the roads really really bad today. My Dad picked me up in his mini suv and took me to their house for dinner, and to the pharmacy for my scripts. I chilled at the parents house, playing with Casey the dog. Dad took me home with snowblower in back. He blowed away the snow in my driveway and walk. He wouldn't let me shovel, which is good cause I am still a cripple. The neighbor (spunky older lady) got stuck in her driveway. I shoveled around her tires and my dad yelled at me. He pushed her out, and used the snowblower on her very short driveway. She just kind of looked at me, as I did some baby shoveling around her door. I had to sheepishly explain that I have a nearly broken arm. She took the shovel away from me and finished the job in three stokes. yikes...the shame.

My asthma is kicking my butt.

Anyways, I keep forgetting that I am busted up. If I use my arm too much, the bruise turns into a purple red screaming mark...and then retreats to a yellow purple after alot of rest. My Dad yelled at me for trying to shovel. I am glad he did. My arm really hurts, when I move my fingers.

My friends just bought a house. I let them borrow my wallpaper steamer remover tools. I showed my friend how to use it. A scraped a little with my good arm. After an hour, I felt drained. I can't explain it. It is like the body is telling me I am broken and to stop trying to accomplish anything.

I am suppose to go to my intership tomorrow. If my driveway remains clear I guess I should go in. I already told my field educator that I may not come in it is a crazy day when they close everything. Basically, someone who can't shovel, should not be out on days like this.

I will have to wake up, check the news, look out the window and decide.

Oh...I also sliced my finger today (on my non-injured hand) So I am just pathetically clumsey.

piv: my backyard....a week ago? Much more snow now!


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