Tuesday, January 15, 2008


School has started, a week to early...it seems. The university started the spring semester a WEEK EARLY. I spent my break out of town, or making up hours of my internship. I need more time...I am starting school exhausted. Grad school, gotta love it. Next year will be so much easier.

However, I feel a little alienated. Many of my classmates have bonded, and have become friends. I know many of the students in my class. Most of the students have been chatting up a storm and making lunch plans, etc... I feel a little left out. I asked someone if they wanted to work together on a group project and I got a very polite rejection. Yikes!

However, I did talk to a classmate (who I knew from last year, but not very well) about her bag. It was obviously homemade. We both quilted, and talked about it before class. When class ended, she handed me a two page directions on how to make the bag, that she wrote during class (with diagrams and everything!)
That made my day!

I know I have a lot of personality issues that I need to deal with. Hence my diagnosed personality disorder. I want to try to be more.....laid back? I hate being in classroom, where no one raises their hand. I always seem to talk, and I feel mixed feelings about it. I know in big classes, I have gotten good feedback from people, because I ask the questions that everyone wants to know, but are too afraid to ask. But in smaller classes....

Well I am opinionated and passionate at times....but only on as few issues.
I need to take a step back and TRY to be more balanced.

Yeah, I have issues. They suck.



Anonymous another MSW student said...

don't let them fool you that the second year is easier or any less busy than the first. it's not.

1:25 PM  

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