Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am too sleepy...

For this blog post.

School, pain, sleepy.
Great, my back is not working right
Hard to get out of bed, nervy pain to the ankles, numby fingers.
I am too tired to do my homework.

My mom's dog used her couch to wipe his butt......ewww!
But he is cute anyways.

I really need to see the doctor about my broken back.
Give me shots! I want the shots!

And I want a electric blanket (maybe)

And um...a fireplace (like that is going to happen!)

Winter is here....and I blew a fuse today. Well....I had my microwave the washer, dryer, refrigerator, and my iron on all on the same line? Giggles

And was a fuse (15 amp). you think I iron my clothes? Are you kidding me? No...I use my iron for quilting. I was piecing a quilt top today instead of my homework...

My back hurts
Did I tell you that? Actually my shin hurts the most....Weirdness.


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