Saturday, January 19, 2008

They are soooooooo mad at me!

I brought my fuzzy brats to the vets. They got their check ups, the baby got a shot and her band taken off. And both had their wings clipped! (which is just their feathers by the way, like clipping toenails)

They were both in full flight. Which concerned me, as they could escape. They were contained in the bathroom when I was not home. They spent a great deal of time on the tops of door and window moldings. And..they were messy.

No more....

I created a jungle gym of places for them to go, but they are still getting use to their new handicaps. This is much better for me for my stress levels.
Not as much cleaning, not as much worrying about them destroying another beloved house plant...etc...

The only thing that is a worry, is the possible of them ending up somewhere in which they cannot escape. I have arranged their "neighborhood" to minimize that.


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