Saturday, February 02, 2008

Save the Plant-it

I saved "it"

I was driving around with my friend when I saw a very pathetic looking fig plant dumped at the curb. The leaves were still green. At the stoplight I discussed with my friend that I wanted to save it.

****she rolled her eyes at me*****

A moment later, I realized the plant was more like a tree. A sad overgrown but sparcelt leaved houseplant. I imagined it lived in the dentist's office nearby until some new hygienest decided it was ugly.

And it was very ugly.

It took the two of us to lift it into the car. And my friend helped me bring it into my house. I cut off a bunch of the branches to help with the stress it was under. Some of the branches were under snow in it's tipped state. It was not very cold, really. It was probably over due for a repotting, but I am not sure if I can actually find a bigger pot. So hacking the branches and feeding it will suffice. I roped some of the branches together.
(Funny that when a plant is under stress, you break off it's appendeges. Doesn't really work with people!)
I hope it survives, which I am thinking it will.
I'll name it Frank. Just kidding, it was "it" remember?


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