Monday, February 18, 2008


I find myself overwhelmed with school work. Some work with a questionable amount of usefulness. I find myself observing the curriculum and understanding the purpose behind it, and I sometimes see that the effects on the students are minimal.

Still, I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work required. Pages upon pages upon pages. I am so tired. I am possibly just getting too old for this. Almost 35, eh?

I am getting sick of being on campus. I go to school at a huge university, but I am bored with it. Perhaps it is because I went to undergrad here. Still, I wonder how my brother can live the life of academia. Maybe I just miss having a corner office.

I was just speaking to classmate who is doing a bs/msw. She is practically a senior in college. shows. Not the maturity, or the smarts, or the coursework. Just the lack of experience. She talks of friends who still do not have jobs with degrees. I believe it. Why would you go to grad school to accept a $10 an hour job? Because the damn community make us. It is insulting that the non-profit sector will abuse social workers like that. But they do. It is called paying your dues.

I have paid my dues.

However, I bet I will have them reissued to me. Just funny to think I am spending so much money to get such a low paying job.

I am still very very tired.


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