Friday, February 22, 2008

I wish I was out

I am sitting here on a Friday night
I haven’t been out anywhere in a month or so
I am alone
And feeling….um…alone
And yet the phone rings
And I don’t want to answer it

(I will call them back!)

My saving grace
Is that every Saturday morning
A group of us get together
We even have a special name
We refer to it as “breakfast club.”

It started with me and my ex boyfriend
And then the coffee house that I loved
That closed down
And now it has become the friends of friends
Who come together
And no one remembers who was a friend with whom first

It is a motley crew
Of liberals and libertarians
Of men nearing retirement age
And our youngest friend
Who seems like she is still only 21
(Okay 24 now?)

We are professors, boiler makers
Bartenders, law students, social workers,
Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, grandparents

We have heated argument about politics over coffee
And French toast
I am glad I have these friends


Blogger Spring said...

Hey. I'm sitting here on yet another Friday night, too. Sheesh.

2:43 AM  

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