Sunday, February 24, 2008

procastination highway

I tossed and turned last night. I finally gave up and stumbled downstairs. I fumbled through my medication loot to look for benedryl. I then saw the little pill that I take at night that makes me really sleepy. I am so dependent on my crazy meds.

I have multiple papers to do today. Blah...I hate papers. I hate writing notes on medical charts just as much. However, I do seem to get those done.

I am just annoyed by school and school work. In one class, I have a huge group project. I have been in the same group since early last semester. The end of last semester. I fell down and went boom. While I was in the doctors dealing with x-rays, slings, and group was doing a last minute woop-hoop on the project.

In general, I do like my group. They took charge and finished everything up while I was a broken mess. One of my group mates was really into the methods part of the research. And that was key to last semester's final project.

However, I was the one who dealing with the agency we were evaluating, I and another group mate, actually created the hypothesis and envisioned the big picture project design. I had a significant knowledge about the population, the cognitively imparied, we were interviweing. I was the one who would modified the project in ways that it would be possible. As an example, I suggested we, um, read the survey to people...cause are subjects may not be able to read.

So, I think I have done a lot of intangible work for this project.

So....the next step was to make a code book for the study. Or methods girl tackled the project. Great! Someone volunteered to type the results. After some discussion, it was apparent that this person, and everyone else, would have troubled with excel. I worked as an accountant for 7 years. I know excel, I know excel very well.
I offered to do it, and explained my reasoning, and calmly offered to do the work, and explained that I may be able to do it much faster than anyone else. Everyone was just fine with it. Except the methods girl. She told me that I better do it exactly as she written, and was trying to covertly imply that I may fuck it up.

So my group members, I mean her, think I am that much of a waste of graduate level space! I just told reassured her that I will be send it everyone asap.

So I did it, it really looked good, and I sent it to everyone the next day. I have not heard of any complaints. I really do like excel, and miss my numbers work.

However, I do have two papers I should be doing right now!


Blogger Spring said...

I was once in a group in grad school (what's an msw program without group projects) with someone just like that. She fought us every step, wanted it done her way, and eventually almost none of her work remained in the project after editing. She actually had the nerve to ask the prof, in front of all of us, that if we failed the paper would she still be able to pass the class.

8:57 AM  

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