Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My crossed eyes

I have been staring at a computer for about 36 hours of the last 48? The end of semester...and I nearly strangled a group member. Actually, I didn't, but I had to play ms. police lady. Wow, we are the dysfuntional group of rejects: bipolar, adhd, pregnant, and one part time employed student. I just loved how my life had revolved around other people's vacation schedules! Anyways. How did I become the chief? I agreed to compile the paper. Something in which I had expected and planned to do last night, turns out to be my goal tomorrow. I spent 3 hours something that someone else was suppose to do, and then asked me to do, and then did anyways. I want to scream! However, I am sure that everything will be fine with this paper.

Now all of these procastination and flurry of activity on opther projects have me behind in another deadline. I am suppose to finalize the paper for my group for tomorrow. On wednesday I have scheduled my internship and then my class in which this paper is due. Unless I decide to not sleep for the next 48 hours, I will not have the time to do my paper! So, my choices are to hand the paper in late (which is do-able, but I would just increase my suffering) or call my internship boss and cash in my "extra day" that I had scored esrlier in the semester. I would change my internship to thrusday but I have a dr appointment in the middle and that would be a hassle.

Anyways, I feel suprisingly...calm. I am in that academic zone in which it is better to just plow through then take a breathier. Except I am not 20 years old. I will sleep. Not much quality will emerge without sleep.

oh yes...As I have alternating strabismus that worsens upon stress...serious, I have crossed eyes with double vision!


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