Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The chores of the grieving

My dad has become quite tolerant of my lack of employment.
When he saw my arm braces and facial expressions
And the bags under my eyes (last week)
He realized that I truly did have miserable luck
My primary doctor gave me cortisone shots,
And I feel ~lovely~!
I painted my bathroom over the weekend
(my bathroom is now bright yellow *$5 oops paint* so I look like I have liver failure while bathing)
Yesterday, I began a job search, and my dad helped me
Get my air conditioners ready.
I cleaned the dusty as hell cubby hole (air conditioner’s winter home)
And then entered the dark, danky, and slightly icky basement
I have a wet basement, actually, a cellar, without a sump pump
I have not cleaned it in a year or two.
There is also a makeshift root cellar, with decaying wooden walls
That is an inch from the sewer where my washing machine from upstairs poops bubbles
My house has issues in the sewer pipe department.
I am working on it…
Anyways…I am not sure if it was the dust (I am allergic), mold, or bleach
Or the diet coke I choked on, but I have a cough
I hope it is just allergies, and not a scary infection from yesterday’s ick fest
I wanted to see my friend in the hospital today
He just had brain surgery to remove a cyst (tumor?)
I think I need to wait out the cough
I see gardening in my future
ROTO-tilling! Yeah


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