Sunday, April 26, 2009

You can accomplish great things....

While procrastinating…..
I am actually exhausted and very sleepy. I have no idea why. Well, I slept in by pressing the snooze button for an hour. It is Sunday…so whatever. And my back hurts like hell. The small of my back. It has the feel of a joint issue, not muscle. I am icing it. It has been a beautiful weekend so far. Actually, it rained most of last night, which is my fault, because I watered my plants. My internet *GASP* was not working this morning.
So I cleaned my paperwork, and did laundry, and organized my coupon folder (just kidding).
Yesterday, my friend brought me to the 39 cent perennial sale. OMG. $100s later….I love gardening. I bought a ton of baby delphiniums and lupines. I have yet to successful grow a lupine. I have no idea why they give me trouble. But at 37 cents a bang, I figured I can try again! Delphiniums are great, except a couple of years ago the mice nibbled them away. I was going to make a new bed for these, let’s see. …
Anyways, I need to work on my paper. The very very last paper of my grad school career. Last class tomorrow, two more days of field. Last week’s field was hell (one family meeting from hell, one restraining order on a patient, mother and father beating each other up in their son’s room. SECURITY! The unit manager looking for me…. The bitchy nurse from hell. Two more days will be a breeze. I am so DONE with that place.
Graduation soon. Should I have a party? And when? I see Sallie Mae spent no time sending me my coupon book for my referred loan. And yeah…a job! What job? I am taking a couple of weeks off….so there….A job will come, I am sure of it. Seriously, I can temp…I got SKILLS! Right now? I want to plan my garden, a put up a fence.


Blogger Spring said...

Can you say 'hardship deferment'? I knew you could! ;)

2:03 PM  

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