Monday, February 16, 2009


Activities and thoughts for the day:

9:00 WTF, a traffic jam at school?
9:00 Late for class, oh good...he did not start yet
12:30 I am hungry, get food. New fancy fresh pasta station in cafeteria. Second try...still a disappointment. Now completely disappointed with the food at the student Union. Had chocolate frozen yogurt for dessert.
1:30 oH GOODY! I read two chapters while dining
1:35 waiting for bus to take me to the other campus
1:50 Pick up Rxs. I had $80 worth of scripts. I have a $10 copay. OMG...what am I going to do when I get out of school?
2:10 On bus.....*gasp* *gasp* what is that smell? Exhaust? Cleaning solution? I cannot breath. I am never sitting in the back of the bus again. *gasp* Gasp* *cough* Cough*
2:30 Awww fresh air...But wtf....I am walking behind a smoker. I need oxygen!!!!!!
3:00 Walk to CVS on campus, buy stuff for my hair. I hate my hair. I just got a new cut, I hate it. My hair looks like a dirty mop. I now have three "Got2B" products...will one work!!! I got a new brush and clips too. I really hate my hair
3:30 I still can't freaking breath.....where is my car? Does walking an acre to your car count as exercise? *gasp*
4:15 Go to eyeglass place to get my glasses bend back into shape. Hey..there is only so much you can drop glasses until they bend. Much better! It was free! and the little old guy who did it called me sweety....giggles
4:30 Dollar stores are dangerous
4:35 FINALLY got a picture taken for a Rite Aid! Seriously...bad hair, stupid is bad!
4:44 OUCH!!!!!! I car door closed on my thumb! How the heck?????? OUCH!!!
4:45 Hm...maybe I should take in more x-mas decorations. We had lots of snow until late last week. A herd of deer are now in my attic. Oh lights from x-mas for St. Patties Day!
5:30 Oh no, bubbles the fish looks like he is checking out of this cruel world. Oh no...I killed another fish... Make fish tank a pretty shade of blue.
5:30 Laundry...when does it end? I should eat dinner, do more laundry and cite my last paper. UGH!


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