Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Oh lord...

Due to my crappy student health insurance, I go to the psychiatrist at school. I really like the guy! As part of this "perk," I need to go to a councelor at the school. Last sememster I went to group counseling. It was okay.
Anyways, I want to try individual this time. A new perspective, perhaps. Anyways, out of 15 "therapists"..... Half being licenced professionals, and half being students.... they assign me to a student. A student of what I have no idea.... And that concerns me. Four student are in my graduate program, two of them I have worked on a research project with!

Anyways, I have been assigned a graduate assistant. In what field? I have no idea. I hope it is with someone who has at least had as much clinical education as I have. In other words, if it is someone who just graduated with their BS in psychology, I would be peeved. I would say that I hoped to be just annoyed...but I am entitled to at least a fucking grad student.
It is bad enough that a few of my classmates can read my file....

God I hope this is not a disaster!

And for the record.....I have continued to see my "real" therapist


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