Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Glass houses...

Have you ever got really annoyed at system...and realize that you are part of the problem? Or have you ever got annoyed at someone, and realize you do the same thing?

I've been getting annoyed and burned out...on the idea of being a social worker. It seems that in my fieldplacement and in my studies, and even in my friendships...we talk about our the crappy part of social work. At my internship I have been become very bitter about certain cases. The kind of issues in which the best case options are often dissmil. It is the family member that threatens physical violence to the staff. The very sick patient who has run out of benefits. The people who want to be placed at the ritzy nursing homes (that will cost $100K out of pocket-thank you very much), with medicaid.

It is the seriously mental ill patient with the crack addiction who gets bounced from ER, to assertive community treatment, to mental health court, to jail, to discharge with family members who steal their ssi check. It is a team of highly effective compassionate providers who can help. if only the patient lets them. It is the assertive community treatment team with no power. You know the only power honored by many MICA clients, are the ones with the payee...

It is the friend who tells me about the "ethical case" at work, with the healthcare proxy withholding care for a non-terminal illness. It just does not make sense.
The doctors, the nurses, the administrators are all in disbelief. It is one of those cases.

These things just make me so frazzled.

When I come across these things...I get so mad!!! I raise my voice, get fustrated, and get stressed. And then I take a breath, smile, and act like the good little social worker.

I am not sure if this good for my health


Blogger puddlediving said...

It isn't that bad everywhere. I've remained satisfied in an entry level position because I can see I have a real impact. I get to see clients stabilize and find housing. I can praise them for 30/60/90 days sober. Many return and thank us for the support they received while here.

It isn't always easy, relapses happen, people decompensate, or even prefer being homeless over a structured setting. But for every non-sucess(failure seems harsh), there are at least 10 sucesses. With the intensity of MICA, I can accept that recovery will never be 100%.

So when you are discouraged by the challenges, remember the sucesses. It is so unforunate when clients have family involved that are ignorant and/or opportunistic.

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