Saturday, April 11, 2009

What do I wanna be?

If all goes as expected, I should graduate from school in less than a month. I will have my master's in social work. An MSW. I will sign up for the exam, hopefully I can manage to be a LMSW by the end of summer. I haven't signed up for the test, yet, because I want to be able to study for it.

So the biggest, scariest, weirdest getting a job. First of all, I am a very talented bookkeeper. I was the controller/accounting and budget manager before I went to school. I plan on temping right after graduation as a bookkeeper so I don't have get franic about $$. So, I have been looking for a real job...

What should I do? I have interest in healthcare, forensic and the seriously mentally ill. I can do group work and case management, I can even do individual work if I really wanted to.

There is an examine for probabtion officer in my county. They actually want MSW's in the job. But me with a gun? Hmm. Hey, I was an ROTC girl, I can handle the gun, but a job like that?

CPS worker exam- No ( I did not do any work with kids)

A local agency has an opening for their sex offending program. I may actually think about it.

Substance abuse? MICA clients I like, AA model...not sure.
I am a harm resistant type of person.

What to do....fummpt



Blogger FooFoo5 said...

I have the luxury - albeit earned the hard way - of setting happiness (i.e. what I truly enjoy) above salary. Nevertheless, I have also turned down some bullshit because they attempted to play me over salary. It's a delicate balance, I believe. I regret initially (and for too long) accepting positions simply because I needed the income. But what an exciting time for you! You have my respect for sticking it out through all the rough times, and I'm confident you will be awesome!

3:09 PM  
Blogger Spring said...

Whoo hoo! Graduation! And sadly, in the time you've completed an MSW, I still haven't finished the MFD.

Best piece of advise re: the exam (which I passed last summer) is to fork out the bucks for an all-day NASW prep course. Without a doubt, that's what got me through.

A lot of passing it is knowing certain things about the test itself.

Like: they are looking for the best possible response in a perfect world. As in, what you are supposed to do in a situation, not what you really do in the real world.

Like: all the responses might work, but if the question is 'what is the first thing...' then the key word is 'first.'

You get the idea. And don't let people who have taken the test multiple times and failed psych you out. Good luck!

9:39 AM  
Blogger Ladyk73 said...

Foofoo: I am taking a moment, from the peer pressure and stress of school and field, to sit back and explore for a few days....what I want to do. I need a less stressful job than what I may be able to "handle." My mental health demands it. I need to lower the dose on some of these meds, the side effects are not good to me. Primary, I need to find a nitch, in which I do not have to hide myself away, or wrestle with my core values. And...I need health insurance.

Spring: There is a class in a few months. I am debating on the benefits of that, v.s the NASW online study thing for $70. Or maybe I'll do both. To fail would be crap

2:04 PM  
Blogger Ladyk73 said...

Spring: I miss your blog! By the way...fuck the MFD... giggles...

2:07 PM  

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