Monday, February 23, 2009

Don't fence me in!!!!

I admit, I admire winter. I like the white fluffy snow, the coziness of a roaring fire (If only I had a fireplace!)...and cuddling with fluffy blankets...
However, I am cold, I am sick of being cold. It is in teens....and windy. Blah!

So I thought of spring. Today I planted some seeds in those little plastic greenhouses! But most important I thought of my garden, and what I want to do this spring.

I want to finish "fencing" my yard. I have been wanting to put a goldfish pond (the poor woman's Koi). However, I want to make sure my yard is secured before creating such an attraction. It is just not in my nature to put up a chainlink fence. I would LOVE LOVE a wrought iron fence (or it's modern metal equivalent) but I cannot afford it. A picket fence would be nice...but I just have to see what is out I searched creative fences and this is what I found:


bowling balls?


I like this one!

Mardi Gras


My favorite


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm thinking sparkly crayons would suit your fence best!

10:14 PM  

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