Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pain is for losers

I have “trapezius myalgia” which is a fancy way of saying… my shoulder and neck hurt...and I get headaches all the time, but there really nothing wrong… you big fat loser! Seriously... “Big fat loser” is mostly like in my pt notes somewhere. Oh wait… I am on Medicaid, so that makes me a super duper loser!
It really makes me wonder. I have carpel tunnel and I have to wear custom splints. I have some weird lumber spondylothesis with a herniated disc. But really…it all boils down to Myalgia….muscle pain. Medical providers then created diseases using this word to secretly encrypt to other medical doctors that they think the patient is a loser. Loser= “fibromyalgia.”

I guess I am….disappointed. I have been going to a sports medicine place for a few years now. I have seen one of the physicians, a fellow, and two pas. Even if the PA is the best in the world, I feel dismissed somehow. If you are going to the mid-level practioner, one may assume that you are somehow uncomplicated, simple, and easy. I go to an NP for my ob/gyn…cause I AM easy (not pregnant, no problems, etc…). So what does that say about my carpel tunnel, myalgia, and spondylothesis? Not that serious….simple….dismissed?

So I am in pain. I am going to physical therapy…and hope that it get better.
I’ve had this on and off for ten years…so probably not.


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