Friday, July 20, 2007

I am doing better!

I have been in a good mood! I am not sure why. But maybe validation played a role. I have been having back pain for a year, and my neck started bothering me. I also was just told I had carpel tunnel. My doctor insisted (not that I complained!) that I see a specialist. I have now gone to see a Physiatrist (a person who specializes in back and sports injuries (who would not try to get me to have surgery).

Well, I knew I was in pain. I knew I had a spondo- some sort of vertebrae slip thing. Anyways, I found out my "knees" hurting all the time may have been my back...and my "carpel tunnel" may have been my neck. They did all sort of reflex and muscle tests and stuff...and IT WASN'T IN MY HEAD!!!! My back is screwed up.

I know I am depressed and anxious, and I know that I was a little bit of a hypochronidiac...but when sometimes wakes you from a deep sleep.....

So I am going to Physical Therapy.

But more important, I feel validated. Like my pain wasn't just a somatic thing.

Also, I have learned to "work through" the pain. That instead of laying down with it, I try to walk it off. In general, that is okay. But the PT's were actually telling me to slow down a bit...that it was better to go slow, and not cause more pain. So a PT telling me to stop pushing myself...and to sit down more (I have two jobs that I was on my feet alot...and I gardened alot)!

Anyways, this helped my mental health alot.

Now that I am doing PT...I actually hurt myself!!!! I had my last day at the garden center yesterday....and I was IN PAIN...yesterday. I nearly maxed out on IBU. I was almost ready to take two 600 mg pills. (after taking 600 mg every four hrs!!!!) Oh my god! I just called my Dr and they said If I am in that much pain, I can take 600 mg of IBU and then 500mg tylenol 4 hrs later. Hopefully it will help.

I have just taken a lot of garden pictures...I will post them soon!


Blogger Ladyk73 said...

oh....that is not my back....I have x-rays in my possession (so Cool!)...

Back pic googled

12:02 PM  

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