Sunday, July 15, 2007

It is six o'clock in the afternoon....

And I just woke up!

I guess without supplemental information, it would sound as if I was the most pathetic laziest blob in the world. But I have an explanation really!

It is Sunday afternoon. I have just worked two overnights in a row, and a few hours at my other job. Missing my friends dearly, I met them for breakfast on Saturday. So I managed to get only three hours of sleep from Friday morning to Sunday morning.

The sleep deprivation can really mess with your head...but mostly your body. With a few moments of severe confusion and drowsiness, I felt I was clear headed for alot of the time. However, my coworker told me I wasn't making any sense.

But the body!!!!

My knees felt as if they were going to buckle under. Oh...not only was I awake so long, I was on my feet most of the time. After two days, my body just hurt all over. And I was beginning to have a stuffy nose and sore throat.
But my knees!!!

I am sick of working overnights. I don't mind them in a general sense, but I am working overnights on the weekends, and working evening at the other job.

But the worse part of working overnights? Cleaning.
I work at a group home with a bunch of mentally retarded young men. I really hate cleaning their bathrooms. I really do.
Last night I found a toothbrush in the toilet, and feces in the bathtub. Not alot, but just enough to ruin my shift.

The good part of last night, I was able to relax for part of my shift. Most of the time, the guys stay to up until 3am (it is the weekend!). But last night they were pooped out from a theme park visit, and had alot of fun stuff planned for today. So the guys were all asleep at the beginning of my shift.

I was able to watch TV for a few hours. I watched parts of some great old movies, and a reality TV show (Which I usually hate, but this one was filmed in my city).
I am not usually a TV watcher...but my body was thanking me over and over.

Still, I am sick of my crazy work schedule. One in which I can work for nearly 24 hours straight...and then to only working 12 hours between two jobs next week. It would also be nice to have the tiniest of a wage deferential for working third shift.

A stable real job, would really be good for me. I either work very little, or way to much. And I work hours in which I hardly ever see my friends, and work during the times that I miss out on the free concerts and summer festivals in the area.
It is really adding to my depression.


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