Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I really did want to garden today....

It is raining out!

But that is a super good thing. As we have been having a dry summer....not as bad as the south, but officially "dry."

This year, the grass has turned an awful color of yellow, a good month before are typical late summer growing fatigue.

Being a 10 minute walk from one of the largest source of fresh water in the world, watering my plants in this "drought" is not a guilt inducing activity.

although I am still trying to figure out, as a household of ONE, how I can have a an average water bill of $200 a quarter. It seems to be at least $175 in the winter!

Not to mention that my electric bill is one of the highest in the US, even though I live less than 10 miles from one of the largest hydro-electric plant in the country.


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