Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Did I sound angry?

My last post was dripping with anger
I wasn't angry with anyone really
Just myself, perhaps
And anger towards some medical providers
I have fired, long ago
And anger towards the sigma
of having a mental illness
And the additional stigma
Of being borderline
(I would never wish the feelings of emptiness on anyone)
And I had some issues with my therapist
That I have since worked out
In a very healthy way

I did have a doctors appointment
Regarding my issues
With my nearly psychotic PMS
And significant pain
I told him that these things were not really
A huge issue, "medically"
But important as I recognized
That they act as triggers

He ordered some simple blood tests
To check my thyroid
To check for PCOS
To check for any evidence of RH
And most importantly he validated my concerns

Actually my doctors
Are really great
My primary, my therapist, my psychiatrist
(oh and my allergist too!)
Very patient with me
Perhaps it helps
That I recognise my own
Caused by my own anxiety


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