Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More HIPAA Thoughts

I think HIPAA is a good thing

I really don't want my medical history
Out in the open
Not that I am not open about it

There is so much I want to say
And vent about my work right now
But I don't.....cause of HIPAA
I work with a new population for me
The MRDD with co-occurring handicaps, mental health, and legal problems
The Mental Retardation part, is something I am still learning about
What does it mean...
What are "typical" presentations
What is the "typical" developmental course
Of those with MR

In time, I can articulate my frustrations
My thoughts, and my impressions
In ways that are appropriate

But right now....I talk to certain friends
That also work in healthcare/ social services
We all know HIPAA
We feel safe to talk about the
person with (enter diagnosis and concerns here)
We never use names...and if one slips out...
(usually a first name or surname only)
We always say "oops"
As our way to reaffirm our HIPPA oaths
And move on...

We talk about our frustrations
Our feelings and powerlessness
Over mistreatment, policy, laws
Coworkers, and grief
(my friends work in skilled nursing)

We are nurses aides, social workers,
residential aides, site managers, and volunteers

We all get HIPAA
And we use it


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