Sunday, August 19, 2007


I spent nine days in the hospital.
My meds were adjusted...kind of....
I don't really want to talk about it
(can you believe it?)

I start full time grad school in a week
I am excited about that

I spent too much money yesterday
Making up for lost time?

I bought new hippie college t-shirts at Old Navy
And I am buying lots of clearance plants
Perennials for my garden
I bought some really pretty round smoothed rocks
(for my garden)

I want to clean my house
And scrap the peeling paint from my bathroom
I want to use my compost to plant my newbies
I want to put up the fence (the project of the year)

I don't really want to work right now
I took the weekend off
And NO MORE third shift

I am having fun with my birdie
Although...I really really need to clip his wings
(just a little)
He needs to slow down a bit


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