Friday, August 03, 2007

I am trying to see the positive…but drowning in the negative…

I was written up at work.

I was written up for physically assisting a totally blind, autistic individual, with severe anxiety and depression, and mild mental retardation….over a wet, slippery area of hoses and wires at a carnival in which this individual was forced to attend. This person has a fear of crowds, loud music, and was displaying the features of the beginnings of a panic attack. I supported his body (in a proper first aid technique) after receiving a verbal consent (in something he can legally consent to). Another consumer reported the incident.

My boss who wrote me up, said that I should be thankful that she wasn’t writing and reporting an incident as abuse (that would be reported to the State, and follow me around for years).

I was told that I had overstepped my “boundaries” by not using proper techniques to lead the blind (that I had limited training in). And apparently my unclear “boundaries” were defined as sexual in nature. (Because I “caught” him as he was slipping and ready to fall on his face, even though my hands and arms were no where near his nether region)

In the same week…I had to completely bath another consumer, and assist two other guys with toileting.

Two of my friends have just been recently fired from the agency for similar kinds of bullshit. But it is okay for other staff members to come in drunk and talk on their cell phone all day.

What a bunch of shit. As I was the team player in our “cluster” by working most of the weekend third shifts, and working doubles and swing shifts. I am a “relief,” per diem staff member with no benefits of any kind.

I am now late to a meeting in which I can defend my position.


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