Saturday, August 04, 2007


It is 10:00 PM, and I just woke up. The weirdness of working third shift. Today is my last third shift. I am training the guy hired for the shift.

After all of the crap at my job, I asked my boss if she would support my transfer to another site or "cluster" of sites. She was in complete disbelief. I was told my "written" up paperwork was not as bad as it seemed. It was just the awful realities of working in the field. Everything needs to be documented so that any abuse alligations can be investigated, proved or disproved.

I rather professionially blew my top. I told her about my issues with the other staff members, the being pushed around as the "relief." The working your ass one week, and then no work at all. All for no benefits and no respect. My boss pressed me for specifics on my interactions with the other staff member. I was brief regarding only the most puzzling aspects of her (the queen bitch) behavior. Like the fact that she had a tizzy because one of the guys wanted to drink OJ for an evening snack (IT IS A BREAKFAST FOOD!). I also stated some of her positive aspects, because she does indeed have them.

My boss reminded me that I was her boss, not this woman. And my boss knew I was pissed off at the agency in general because they did just fire two of my friends. (small world)

Anyways life at work is better. I guess the house gossip spread enough ( I did get called to work at the hardest house) that my interactions with coworkers are much different.

However, all is a mute point really...
As I begin school in two weeks

Whoops...time for work


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