Sunday, September 30, 2007

whoa is me....

This has become the most annoying of blogs
I bet readers will think "just get up, stop complaining...and go pick flowers" or something.

I have been venting my blah-ness on my blog to not infect the real people who, unfortunate to them, know me.

It is hot, wow is it getting warm out today.

I just wish I wasn't so sad. I have a paper due tomorrow. I have not started it. I did some reading and thinking. I guess I am thankful it is not a long paper.

Why am I blue? I think my self esteem has taken a crash from it's normal miserable standing. I am fat, I eat too much junk, My back hurts cause I don't so the PT as much as I need to. I haven't got an internship yet, and school work is not being done.

My pet bird is driving me bonkers. And I am waiting for the muscle relaxants to kick I can walk. Although I am sure it will help the paper alot.

So...they say you get depressed because you have a need not being fulfilled.

I need encouragement....a "you can do it!" "you are not really that ugly...some guy may take pitty on you someday...."

So if you have any comments....this would be a good post to do so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are beautiful.... and yes, I'm positive you will find someone to appreciate your beauty.

I think maybe the first step is by starting to love yourself. There is so much beauty inside of you. It literally springs forth into full bloom on your pages. We, your readers, can see it... but sometimes I'm left wondering.... why can't you?

Glitter crayons anyone? Maybe that would be a good start ;)

7:34 AM  
Anonymous ladyk73 said...

Awwww....glitter...I like glitter! And sparkles!


I sometimes see that I am a good person, pretty sometimes too.

Thanks for your kind words!

7:20 PM  

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