Friday, November 16, 2007

I am writing this blog so I can avoid my homework

I took yesterday off from school and internship
I backed off on my internship
(Just doing the normal shifts)
And will catch up between semesters
I will be taking an incomplete, I got approval today

Did I accomplish anything yesterday?
Well, I cleaned my house, read a wee bit
Went x-mas shopping, bought toilet paper
Played with my birdies
Screwed around on the internet
Watched a pathetic ER

At least I figured out a topic for my “theories” paper
The Theories of Human Behavior
So...I thought of doing something
With systems theories and vets
Maybe a Freudian model analysis
On Canadian strippers
“Where by law they take off all….”
Yeah right (I just made that one up)

So I am thinking about exploring
Piaget’s Cognitive Stages
And exploring the topic
With the developmentally disabled
I have no idea if this has ever been thought off
Or if functional IQ is measured by it…

I was just proud that I thought of it…

And the theory just fascinated me….


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