Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am overwhelmed

I have four major assignments due in the next two weeks. This will be worse than the end of the semester. All would be well, if I wasn't so behind in my internship.

I will be at the VA (I am interning at the VA!!!!) three days a week. Tomorrow I will be at the hospital to get my photo ID (I get a real ID!!!!) and work with the head social worker at the hospital. I will be Based at the outpatient day treatment center for MICA clients. I have already worked a few days.

And....I got my flu and last Hep B shots today. It was both sad and funny when I sort of collapsed on the stairs in the library. It felt so natural resting on my knees after tripping. So other students were concerned...so I stood up. My arms hurt....But all is well cause Daffy Duck is on my arm.



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