Monday, October 22, 2007

To be or not to be.....

I am at the school library.
I have so much work to do for school
Two assignments due tomorrow
And a paper re-write
The paper I wrote least night was half crap

I am having second thoughts
About my ability to do this
This overwhelming course work.
I feel like I will write three mini-thesis by the end of the semester
I have been reflecting on my decision to go to social work school
I have always wanted to “save the world”
And I have a resume of activities to proof it

However, I have always wanted to be a doctor
I started “pre-med” in college
However…I had one problem
I fainted at the sight of blood
And got nauseous changing a dirty baby diapers

So I went to Pharmacy School
At the time they were 5 year BS programs
I made it to the 4th year
I did half my internship
And crashed my GPA
I was asked to select another major

I did really well on the practice labs
I actually compounded meds
At the pharmacy I worked at
I also did well with rashes
Lots of people shown them to me
Because I had on a white coat
And back then I could tell you
The loading dose of xyz
And the renal clearance of abc
And I could read the squibbled hand written script

So, I have been reading all these med blogs
And they all reminded me of my interest in medicine
And I have a class on the “south” campus of my school
In a hall near the medical, dental, and nursing schools
I see scrubs ALL over
Doctors, dentists, and nurses in-training
It makes me jealous (in some ways)

So back to my current schooling
Why social work?
I wanted to be a help people
I want to work directly with clients
And I want to change the world.

After throwing out the Finance career
I thought long and hard
I thought about becoming a PA
(Physician Assistant)
There was a three year masters programs
It required two years of undergraduate pre-reqs
I had most of them, Great!!!
Except, they would not accept 10 year old chem classes
Now….I figured I would need a year of refreshers
But this became a 5 year commitment
(Med school is only 4 years!!!!)

Anyways, I love medicine
I love knowing how the body works
And I can read the prescribes insert
And the PDR, and most medical journal articles
But I still hate blood and guts
And well….medicine is blood and guts

I still though about being a lab tech (I know icky guts!), a radiology technician, an RN, a paramedic, and EMT, a candy stripper, a…social worker

A social worker

A social worker is a clinical profession. I am going to school to become a licensed clinical professional. A social worker at the Masters Level…is not simply a case worker
(Although some part of social work always is always case work). Social Workers are problem solvers, advocators, managers, and counselors. I am going to school to be a therapist. Some of the most severely mentally ill have social workers as counselors, not psychologists (because they only afford social workers). Sometimes social workers report to psychologists, but many times great numbers of therapeutic employees report to social workers. In a few weeks, I will be doing supervised therapeutic interventions. When I graduate, I will be a health professional. After three years, I can take the clinical test and become a licensed clinical social worker. I can be an independent professional with a LCSW.

I guess I have devaluing my education and future profession.

Social workers fix people too!
And I am going to be one!
(even if I don’t wear scrubs)


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