Tuesday, October 02, 2007


So a funny thing happened today
I was on my way to school
from the doctors
and she told me I had to do fun things
Not just focus on school and stuff

So I stopped at a pet store
One with lots and lots of birds


So I took a tour
and talked to the big cockatoos
And rubbed their necks
through the bars of
their locked cages
They were talking to me
and poking their heads out
And nibbling on my ring
They are big birds
them cockatoos

Then I went to the cockatiel cage
There must have been around ten young-ins
And they were animated and silly
And the cage was unlocked!

Hey...I am a bit of a bird person
And if a big ass cockatoo just nibbled on my finger
and I managed well
I figured I was well equipped to take a 'tiel out

And so I did
No employees around
No big deal
No sign telling me I was going to hell
And I had a fuzzy little chirper on my finger
And s'he crawled onto my shoulder

And then Mr second tiel...
Thought he would escape the cage....
And I picked him up....
and he crawled to my shoulder

And then third tiel
decided to look really cute
And was hanging on my finger

I had three cockatiels on my arm
And two more planning their escape

By this time I had drawn the attention of the staff
As they decided it was a good time to fill
Already filled food containers near by

So I was petting the third teil
and the Mr and Ms cockatiels on my shoulder
Decided to peck each other
...or was it the third?

As forth tiel escaped from cage
I realized I had a problem...
So I put forth tiel back...
First tiel flew on top of cage
Second to the floor and the third to the top of a big ass macaw cage
Or was that the cockatiel that flew to the floor?
I pick up one cockatiel and the other flies away
And now I have three...four birds flying
This way and that
Their merger efforts on their clipped wings

As four more cockatiels make plan.... their escape
I gently yet forcibly grabbed cockatiel number one
Throw her in the cage
And then another escapes...

This goes on for a bit...
One teil returned
Another escaped
until I have all cockatiels returned...
Except for one...
I go to grab it (gently and properly of course)
And it flew in a rage
And ended up behind the Macaw cage
At this point an employee returns
while I move the Macaw's home
and reached for the lost tiel.

I have him tucked in my hand
So as not to escape again
Return the Macaw cage with my foot
Calm, pet, and talk the baby tiel in my hands
Walk by the employee...smile
Return teil to cage,
Shut and latch door

And take a breath

I pretend to interact with the other birds
While I ensure no other cockatiels have escaped

Smile at the employee
And leave the bird room

While selecting nibbles
for my Sweet Pea
I noticed a gaggle of employees entering the bird room

The inventory must have been correct
Because I was allowed to purchase my seeds
And leave in peace....


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