Monday, October 01, 2007

Pretty Flowers

Good Things Today:

A girl scout came to my door
All decked in green…..I ordered cookies

I smelled vanilla air fresheners
When I went to the potty at school

I actually had two guys smile at me
In a flirty way

I arranged the glitter tombstone
And disembodied hands….
Just so… house….
In Halloween Ghoul

My bird was a cutey today
She imitated my kissy noises
When I came near

I got an A-
On my ethics paper

Weird things:

Some chick in my policy class
Told me that every time I spoke in class
The woman behind me made a face
The chick who told me
Expressed it in such a way
That she kind of liked me
And really disliked the woman

We were in group
I noticed that the woman’s
Nasty body language
That indicated
She really disliked me

I am hated
Cause someone had took my side?
Very odd

Bad things:

I still do not have a field placement
I think I am now the only one
Out of 300 students
I feel like the last kid picked in softball

I was always the last kid picked in gym
The neighborhood kids made fun of me
My family…..blah blah blah

Yeah…I have some issues
Mostly…I am dealing with biology
I am not better…
Still clinically depressed

But mostly just normal grad school stress….
I have a paper, 2 quizzes, and a lab to do

Best go back to good things:

I have a pumpkin growing in my garden
Just beginning to blush orange
Orange in time for
Trick or Treat?

My flowers are still in bloom


Blogger Spring said...

Sheesh, I hate it when some students act like they are still in high school.

Grow up already, fuckwits!

Congrats on the 'A,' but I'm really not surprised...I had faith in you.

Re your next post, I'll be teaching genograms and ecomaps to my CC students later this semester, and they have to pair up with another student and do genograms and ecomaps on their partner, along with a one-page narrative explaining the two diagrams (hey, it's only community college, I can't make the assignments too difficult).

Those two diagrams are extremely helpful when you are doing clinical work in the field. I used them years ago when I was in the field.

11:22 AM  

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